Chalda Digital Paintings by Chalda Maloff

Chalda Maloff, Austin, Texas, USA



My art reflects my abiding optimism and faith in the order of our world.  My process, sometimes intellectual and sometimes intuitive, consists of working and reworking shapes and colors towards an expressive whole that will have the power to evoke emotion, sensuality, and spirituality. 

I seek to engage the viewer on an elemental level, to tap into a domain more authentic and essential to us than our physical world.   One crucial aesthetic element to my artworks is the suggestion of backlighting or inner glow, an effect which I believe elicits a near-universal response of warmth and gratification, of receptiveness to an experience.  I offer compositions based on geometry, steadfast structures which become visual anchors as the eye explores the surface of the painting.  My artist’s lexicon of transparency, juxtaposition, and spacial ambiguity poses a bid for viewer involvement.

I choose the digital medium for its power to combine and synthesize various artistic effects, producing a host of visuals that would not be possible with any natural medium.  Beyond this, the extraordinary options of art software allow for a superior inventive flow in the development of an image.  As a perennial student of Art History, I feel fortunate to have available to me creative tools of which the great masters could have only dreamed.

My intent is to create artworks that not only summon an immediate response, but also that will reveal more of themselves gradually over time.  I use techniques to disclose by degrees previously unobserved elements, to reframe and visually redraw the surface, and hopefully to elicit a reevaluation of previous conclusions.  I invite the viewer to leisurely perusals, with an openness to surprise, delight, and a kindling of the imagination.

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