Chalda Digital Paintings by Chalda Maloff

Chalda Maloff, Austin, Texas, USA



My BEINGS series explores the nature of life at the edge of the unknown, the essence of our state, where we all live each day.  Each painting in this series is an intimate portrait of a fragile lifeform.  To exist, such an organism must have an unfathomable sense of optimism and resilience, an inherent impulse toward vibrant life.    

Full frontal and fully vulnerable, this imagined lifeform resides in an unreliable cosmos.  Foreground and background play musical chairs;  a shadow or reflection may appear to carry more authenticity than that which casts it. The being's delicate membranes and exquisite body parts are at times almost absorbed into the environment, its casings vanishing as densely layered detail gives way to inscrutable miasma or arbitrary splatter. One imagines its lifespan might be counted in precious weeks or even days.  

Unfazed by uncertainties, the being fully and momentarily inhabits time and space.  Expressively rendered, in an assertive palette and exaggerated scale, its steadfast inner glow suggests exhilaration in the face of transience.  

With this series I hope to leave the viewer energized, perhaps more deeply connected with some personal fleeting recollection, and with a heightened appreciation for the nuance of passing moments.

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BEINGS: New Digital Paintings by Chalda Maloff

Ceres Gallery, New York City, May 23 - June 17, 2017